Company Overview

Management Philosophy

- We contact people with good faith and true heart.
- We improve with belief faith and courage.
- We perform with hope and passion.
- We strive for customers’ satisfaction.
- We are friendly to the region, society, and environment.
- We devote ourselves to keep laws and rules.
- We keep promises and commitment.

Corporate Overview *print

Name of Company Iijima Co., Ltd
Representative Director  Junichi Iijima

Tohoku Works
3 Takayashiki Oyama Otama Adachi Fukushima 969-1301 Japan
Tel 0243-48-3311
Fax 0243-48-3312

Corporate Office
2-2-26 Komaoka Tsurumi Yokohama Kanagawa 230-0071 Japan
Tel 045-572-3834
Fax 045-572-3836

Total Site Area Tohoku Works 192,555 ft² (17,889 m²)
Total Construction Area 46,745 ft² (4,343 m²)
- 14001 Received the certification of 1996 version (2002/1/15)
- 14001 Received the certification of 2004 version(2005/12/9)
- 9001 Received the certification of 2000 version (2004/9/24)
- 9001 Received the certification of 2008 version (2009/7/19)
Number of Employees 31
Main Banks Toho Bank Nihonmatsu Works
Mitsubishi UFJ Bank Tsurumi Works

Approval and license

Industrial Waste Disposal Operator (Intermediate Treatment) Fukushima Prefecture No. 00720030364
Yokohama City No. 05620030364
Industrial Waste Collection and Transportation Operator Fukushima Prefecture No. 00707030364
Miyagi Prefecture No. 0400030364
Ibaraki Prefecture No. 00801030364
Tochigi Prefecture No. 00900030364
Saitama Prefecture No. 01101030364
Gunma Prefecture No. 01000030364
Chiba Prefecture No. 01200030364
Kanagawa Prefecture No. 01402030364
Registration as Waste Recycling Business Operator Fukushima Prefecture No.19
Registration as First Class Collector for CFCs Fukushima Prefecture No.01080197
Registration as Second Class Collector for CFCs Fukushima Prefecture No. 073010314
Secondhand Dealer Fukushima Prefectural Public Safety Commission

Valued Customers

Main customers (Recyclable wastes, and materials for casting and steel making) Main Distributor
- Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation
- Mitsubishi Heavy Industrial, Ltd
- Techno-Metal Co., Ltd
- Mitsubishi Motors Corporation
- Kasahara Foundry Co., Ltd
- JFE Bars & Shapes Corporation
- Daiki Aluminum Industry Co., Ltd
- Mitsubishi Corporation
- MM&KENZAI Corporation
- Hanwa Co., Ltd
- Itochu Metals Corporation

Participation in Organizations

- Japan Iron and Steel Recycling Institute
- Fukushima Prefecture Recycling association of Commerce and Industry
- Adachi Material Recycling Association
- Japan Foundry Engineering Society
- Japan External Trade Organization
- Fukushima Trade Promotion Council
- South Tohoku Inland Depot Council
- Koriyama Labor Standard Inspection Office
- Safe Drive Maintenance Association
- Motomiya Safe Drive Maintenance Association
- All Japan Defense Association
- Otama Association of Commerce and Industry
- Otama Association of Sightseeing
- NPO United Nations World Food Programme Association
- Japanese Red Cross Tohoku Block Blood Center
- World Food Plan (United Nations)