Contribution to the Environment

Symbiosis with Regional Community

As a human being, we are facing environmental problems such as “global warming”, “acid rain”, and “depletion of the ozone layer”. We are also facing pollution of the “air”, “water”, “soil”, and the problem of exhausting resources triggered by the other problems in the space within arm’s reach and these problems can threaten our lives on a global scale. Therefore, it is necessary for each of us to recognize problems and put forth effort on solving them. It is the time to start doing what we can.
We volunteer regularly in the regional community, society, environment.


Contribution to the Society

December 6, 2016 "Sangyo Press" reported about the lecture at the general meeting of "East Japan Automobile Dismanting Union"

Contribution to the Society

January of 2014 We received the shield that shows we are a councilor from WFP of the United Nations.